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Making emphasis on stretching and alignment as well as strengthening postural muscles, Pilates as a system works with the whole body. It rebalances muscles engaging the center of the body (known as the "Power House") to perform the movements.

What are your benefits?

- Improves strength and flexibility which improves support and balance
- Stimulates and develops breathing
- Eliminates stress and sleep disorders
- Contributes to weight control
- Tones the tissues and refines the silhouette
- Acts against aging and participates in the prevention of diseases
- Brings well-being and self-confidence
- Improves sports performance
- Teaches good postures every day

Designed to work the body as a whole, Pilates is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced people, for all age groups and all physical conditions.

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Classes are held in French, English and Russian
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